Issue #6 of ‘Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own’

The sixth issue of the zine Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own is available and the theme for this issue is Space.

The zine consists of the words, images and concepts of others. Expect found  and visual poetry and collage, plus contributions from other artists and poets. Even the title of the zine series  must be attributed to DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid.

the zine

Please meet our contributors for this issue:

  • Poet and performer Andrew Galan has created the piece Planet Hunters X. KIC 8462852 – Where’s the flux? *†. Andrew is an internationally published poet and co-producer of Australia’s renowned BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!. His poetry is gut, direct, been described by reviewers as ‘riddled with satire’, and is imagination and reality meeting, sometimes to eat, sometimes to fight. Published in journals such as the Best Australian Poems, Cordite and Verity La, his verse has been showcased at events including the Woodford, National Folk and Queensland Poetry festivals, and Chicago’s Uptown Poetry Slam. His first collection is That Place of Infested Roads (life during wartime), KF&S Press. Andrew’s next book is for all the veronicas (The Dog Who Staid), Bareknuckle Books.


Image by Sean Davey

  • Poet and artist Ian Gibbins has a hidden entry in the zine called FREEFALL. Ian retired in 2014 after 35 years as a neuroscientist, including 20 years as Professor of Anatomy at Flinders University.  He was internationally recognised for his research on the microscopic organisation of the nerves that connect between the internal organs and the spinal cord, with over 120 publications in the area. Ian also is a widely published poet in print and on-line, and has been short-listed for many national poetry prizes. He performs his work in diverse venues, often accompanied by his own electronic music and videos, including at the Adelaide Fringe Festival (2014, 2015) and the Queensland Poetry Festival (2014). He has published three full collections of poetry: Urban Biology (2012); The Microscope Project: How Things Work (with artists, Catherine Truman and Deb Jones, 2014); and Floribunda (with artist, Judy Morris, 2015). For more info, see Some of his video poems can be seen at

Ian Gibbins blocks 2b

  • Artist Elena Kotasvili has made the piece Instructions For A Light Installation. Elena  studied Fine Art in London. Her visual work has its root in Performance Art. She has participated in exhibitions and festivals locally and internationally. Elena also collaborates with creative professionals working in theatre and contemporary dance as a creative collaborator and stage designer.



  • Poet Nathan Shepherdson has written a poem called epitaph for a haredresser (5 parts). Nathan Shepherdson is the author of five books of poetry. He is the son of the painter Gordon Shepherdson. Nathan and I performed a poetic response to Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon called UN/SPOOL at last year’s Queensland Poetry Festival and we have made a limited edition companion piece/poetry object. You can pick up a copy here.

Image by Ian Powne

  • UK artist and filmmaker Renee Vaughan Sutherland has made the piece Mind the Gap (which line for Seven Sisters?). Currently researching for a group show at Park Zeit, Hunnerberg, Switzerland in summer 2016, here is photo from one of her initial lines of enquiry. Visit her website here.


  • Annie Te Whiu has created the piece Smiths & Rockets. Since studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Theatre & Literature) at USQ in the early 1990’s, Annie has worked as a cultural producer, community engagement officer, festival director, pubic programs manager and curator.   Annie has worked for Woodford Folk Festival Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre, Cirque du Soleil, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Zillmere Multicultural Festival, Museum of Brisbane, State Library of Queensland and the Brisbane Powerhouse.  She is currently a co-director of the Queensland Poetry Festival.


There are also other pieces in the zine: positive and negative space,  show/hide¶ and near far elapsed capsule (from Flight MA-9 air-to-ground and ground-to-air transcript and Hoarding: Buried Alive ‘The Stench is Amazing’ episode).

The Bonus Gift.

The first issue of the zine came with a bonus beard extract courtesy of doting thomarse, Issue #2 included a Finnish architecture playing card. Issue #3 incuded a free movie ticket for the Grove Theatre in Pennsylvania in 1953.  Issue #4 included a vintage fortune ticket reading as seen in the fortune-telling machine in The Twilight Zone Episode 43, “Nick of Time’.  Issue #5  included glow in the dark stars. Each copy of the 50 limited editions of the sixth issue contains a complimentary disposable glove, as well as a vintage astronomy themed collectors postage stamp.

disposable glove

astronomy stamps

The design of the zine is quite complex, so here is a handy video demonstration on how to read it:

If you would like to respond to this issue’s theme (Space), send it to lavenderroom1 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk – I prefer jpegs, pdfs or links, thanks!

And finally, you can pick up a copy of the issue at my poetry performances, Sticky Institute or my etsy store!


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