Issue #3

The third issue of the zine Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own is available and this issue we celebrate celluloid with The Film Issue.

The zine consists of the words, images and concepts of others. Expect found poetry and collage, plus contributions from other artists and poets. Even the title of the zine series  must be attributed to DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid.



Please meet our contributors for this issue:

Andrew Galan photo: Adam Thomas

  • Sasha Jessop has written a poem called Neurasthenia-la-Celluloid (Deep in Vogue since the 19th Century). Sasha makes no claim to be an artist. She is just a girl who loves Hip Hop, cats, rain and a German architect. She is inspired by Yoko, bell hooks, Junot Diaz and generosity of spirit. She thinks Tony Abbott is a mean twat. When she is not thinking too much, she is practicing how to be.



  • Artist Fiona Privitera has a piece called O holy aperture, O holy orifice. Fiona has never been to the Hollywood sign. She has, however, been to the one upon the hills in Brasov. She saw a bear there. It wasn’t the star of any movie. Neither is she. Catch her next MC’ing at the Queensland Poetry Festival in August.



  • Poet Nathan Shepherdson has written a poem called isabelle. His upcoming book the day the artists stood still (vol. 2) will be published this year and he and I will be performing Unspool in the Fly in Formation session at the Queensland Poetry Festival on Sunday 31st August with a cinematic response to Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon.


  • UK artist and filmmaker Renee Vaughan Sutherland has created a piece called Editor’s Chair.  Here is a record of her research at a Time & Space residency at Metal Southend-on-Sea.


  • Happy Trails has written the poem Iron Man 3. He is clearly a man on the lost highway and will not be tied down.

Happy Trails 8 x10

The first issue of the zine came with a bonus beard extract courtesy of doting thomarse, and Issue #2 included a Finnish architecture playing card. Each copy of the 50 limited editions of the third issue contains a free movie ticket, valid at the Grove Theatre in Pennsylvania in 1953.


The design of the zine is quite complex, so here is a handy video demonstration on how to read it:

If you would like to respond to this issue’s theme (film), send it to lavenderroom1 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk – I prefer jpegs, pdfs or links, thanks!

And finally, you can pick up a copy of the issue at my poetry performances, Sticky Institute or my etsy store!


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